Civil Engineering Services | EDM


The numerous road and sewer projects designed since 1973 for over 40 municipalities in the St. Louis region exemplify the breadth of experience enjoyed the Civil Division. Most of our projects are for repeat clients; many for over 25 years.

These projects include roadways & bridges, parks, wastewater, potable water, channel improvement, pumping stations, site development and feasibility studies.

The consistent delivery of projects that exceed the expectation of our clients is due to an approach that evolved over time that focuses on the following principles.

Listen Clearly

Exceeding expectations begins with hearing, understanding and documenting the Owner's function, price and time goals.

Develop Thoroughly

Success happens when the needs and interests of all stake-holders are addressed and resolved during the development of any project.

Deliver Timely Accurate Documents

A stable design team that has developed a quality based design and production process over an extended period is best able to consistently produce practical, accurate and appropriate construction documents.


Columbia Bottom Conservation Area - 2003 Award winner
MasterCard Global Headquarters, O'Fallon, MO - Site Development
Ameren Services: Engineering for 28 projects since 2002
Rockwood School District: Architecture and engineering services since 1998.
Old Post Office Plaza Site Development
Pitman Hill Road Improvements
Various Webster Groves Street Improvements
First Bank Site Developments
MODOT - I-55 Ramps at Lafayette, St. Louis
Barrett Station Road (STP)
St. Charles County 79 Bridges - Peruque & St. Paul
GSA - RAY Building Site Improvements
Frontenac Stormwater Master Plan & Implementation
Maryland Heights Storm Sewers - MO
St. Peters Multiple Bio-Stabilization of Stream banks
MSD - Gravois Trunk Sanitary Sewer Relief
Fairview Heights Fire Station