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EDM Incorporated
The Right Step toward Finishing Well*

Since it was founded in 1973, EDM has consistently provided quality engineering services to clients in St. Louis, Missouri and across the country. Our organization comprises three Design Divisions and the Project Management Division.

The Structural Division has collaborated with renowned architectural clients to complete significant projects such the Domed Football Stadium in St. Louis, Expansion of the St. Louis Convention Center, Williams Technology Center in Tulsa and numerous special foundations for major theme park attractions. Other work includes special structures, all types of buildings and renovations.

The Building Services Division is known for solving the tough problems. Some examples are the Mechanical and Electrical engineering for the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois, an ACEC Missouri Grand Conceptor Award winner and National Finalist. The renovation of the Old Post Office in downtown St. Louis relied upon the creative efforts of all disciplines.

The Civil Division provides road and sewer design projects for area municipalities and utilities as well as site development for Architects and Developers. Our staff completed all engineering services for the Missouri Department of Conservation's Missouri Bottom State Park. Storm and sanitary sewer design, road and highway projects as well as stormwater management are provided for returning clients on a regular basis. Many of the client relationships span over thirty years.

The Project Management Division organizes projects involving the design divisions for owners to create a complete facility package. New building and renovation for Federal Government facilities (recent 350,000 ft2 building modernization study for example), industrial facility improvements and equipment upgrades are examples of recent successful assignments.

We commit to provide services which are based on understanding the mission, infused with enthusiasm and innovation, prepared with accuracy, delivered on time, tailored to the budget and delivered though a collaborative process ensuring that expectations are exceeded.

*A service policy stratagem based on the following:

"A Step in the Right Direction" is a song written by Robert and Richard Sherman for the 1971, Walt Disney musical film production Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

"All's Well That Ends Well" is a play by William Shakespeare