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Building Systems

In 1973 EDM began designing HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems for buildings. One of our first assignments was to cool a space, with no walls, that was selling ice cream desserts on 95-degree days. After solving that issue, we have gone on to collaborate with Architects, Owners and Contractors to design practical and economical systems for an impressive array of important facilities.

From detailed construction bid sets for major new and renovation projects, to design-build criteria documents, every project is accomplished by talented experienced professionals and reviewed by senior engineers with extensive and broad experience.

In the process of helping create meaningful Church, School, Medical Facility, Laboratory, Government, Data Center, Hospitality and Housing places, the Building Systems Division has identified three guiding principles that shape our approach to project delivery:

Identifying and Exceeding Expectations:

The expectations for operating systems vary from person to person. Hearing and confirming the Owner's objectives is the first step in a successful project. Thereafter, communication of clear performance criteria and space requirements to all stakeholders is the next step in designing systems that consistently exceed expectations.

Ensuring Proper Installation and Operation

No amount of care and review in the preparation of documents can negate the effects of incorrect installation and /or operation of systems. We take an active role during and after construction to ensure that the construction and operation is in accordance with the documents in order that the design intent can be accomplished.


System elements of high quality designed, manufactured and built with respect for natural resources and the environment are always our first choice. We consider the ease and cost of maintenance a basic design criteria.

Example Projects

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
Old Post Office Renovation
St. Louis Union Station Marriot Hotel
Bethesda Dilworth
Crowne Plaza Hotel Renovations
Great Wolf Resorts (four locations)
North County Recreation Center
West County Shopping Center Expansion
Ameren Renovations - Several locations
Polar ice Building Renovation/Addition
AMDOCS Data Centers - three locations
SAFB IDIQ Contract
Washington University Open End Contract
*See Buildings Division for more experience