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"Consultant clearly understood the project scope and its approach to the design of the recommended solution was technically sound. Project Manager maintained control of the project, implemented sound quality control procedures and managed the consultant design team. Consultant staff is responsive to all correspondence, and adjusted resource assignment to accommodate extended schedule. A very aggressive schedule was set for both of their projects and they have met and exceeded those dates."
Matthew R. Koesterer
Project Manager
MSD General Services Agreement project

"When it comes to complex or difficult projects, EDM is always my first choice. I can really count on you to deliver when it counts, so for structural, you are number one on the list."
Cal Morris, AIA
AAIC Incorporated

"I wish to thank you all for your efforts and support … YOU ARE ALL A VERY GOOD TEAM."
Dennis Krausch
Ameren UE
Project: Ameren Dorsett SRS
Services provided: Arch, Structural, Civil, MEP

"Project turned out great -- end users are very happy with end results."
Shawn Gilliam Project Manager BJC Healthcare Project: Barnes Jewish St. Peters - CT Scanner Replacement Arch, Structural, Civil, MEP

"It was difficult finding an engineer willing to take and fast track this small emergency project. EDM not only accepted this project but provided a very competent team that came in and diagnosed the problem and provided a fix in a short period of time."
Ron Wright
Regional Manager
Capital Development Board
Project: Emergency Ceiling Repair, Dixon Springs Boot Camp
Architectural, Structural and Project Management

"When there was an issue with the HVAC and electrical, EDM was quick to respond."
Chris Woodworth
Project Architect
Christner, Inc.
Project: Savvis Phase I

"EDM has always been responsive to our needs and has been easy to work with in obtaining a finished product that we can all be proud of." Rated Structural, Civil Engineering and Responsiveness "Exceeded Expectations"
Tom Manning
Director of Public Works
City of Hazelwood
Project: Teson Road Improvements
Structural & Civil

"EDM has kept the project on schedule and the city well-informed during the plan development."
William Bensing
Director of Public Works
City of Wentzville, MO
Project: West Meyer Bridge & Road Project
Structural & Civil

"We appreciate all of the excellent work provided to date." Joseph Ruggeri
General Manager
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Project: Power Distribution

"Eric worked quickly to compose a solution at shear wall opening. Roger, Glenn & Mary worked with me to create the new apartment Bethesda had envisioned. They were very willing to visit the site when requested to."
Jolena Shatzer, Associate
Project Manager
Gray Design Group
Project: Bethesda Barclay House 12D & 12E

"Always very pleased with the quality of professional services provided by EDM."
Bill Weber
Asst. Supt., Facilities & Construction Services
Ft. Zumwalt School District
Fort Zumwalt School Expansion

Rated Structural, Civil, MEP Engineering "Met Expectations," rated responsiveness "Exceeded expectations."
Richard Hess, Bldg. Construction Supervisor
Lambert STL Internat'l Airport (LSIA)
Project: Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, Misc. Mech. Projects System Upgrades
Struc, Civ, MEP

"Met all deadlines and very responsive during design. Overall, very happy."
Amy Huff
Project Architect
Space, LLC
Project: Mercy Health Plans, Springfield, MO

Rated Structural Engineering and Responsiveness "Exceeded Expectations." Denise Schaberg
Project Manager
Project: Southwestern IL College - Granite City Administration

"EDM quickly interpreted our needs and special requirements. EDM's ability to join forces with our mechanical and the other design contractors made this project possible. I personally thank everyone who participated for the patience shown."
Phil Draper
Project Manager
Thiel Tool & Engineering
Project: Thiel Tool Expansion
Arch, Structural, Civil, MEP

"EDM Incorporated did an excellent job on the plans indicating suggested sequencing for diverting flow from the existing 72-inch diameter sewer into the new 90-inch diameter sewer. The consultant did an excellent job conveying in the specifications the importance of the contractor coordinating with Ameren UE for protecting the transmission towers during construction. The consultant's plans and easement plats required very little revision. EDM has a very good grasp of what the District expects in the way of plan preparation and easement plat preparation"
John Barron
Gravois Trunk (Whitecliff to RDP) Sanitary Relief Phase II (90032A)

"I was pleased with the overall performance on this project. There was excellent project management. I would be happy to work with EDM again."
Karen Janson, Project Manager
Lindenwood Combined Relief Sewer (MSD 2001072)

"Consultant performed well in addressing issues associated with construction sewer under Ameren transmission lines and at railroad crossing. Project Manager maintained control of project. Team was responsive to telephone calls and emails. All submittal dates were met or exceeded. MWBE commitment is being met."
Pam Huntoon
Gravois Trunk (Whitecliff to RDP) Sanitary Relief Phase III (90032B)

"The plant is quite pleased and the system is running well for them. I think a successful job requires noting and you all made a significant impact on this project. Congrats."
David Loida, Sr. Project Manager reporting on Scott Herrboldt Comments
Nestle Purina PetCare
Dunkirk facility
Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Project Management

"Len Madalon and Ed Bliss are very good to work with. The ability to adapt to our resident's needs/concerns is very important to the City and shows in the finished product of our projects."
Jeff Wappelhorst
Public Works Director
2009 North Geyer

"On behalf of my company and Rockwood School District, I'll take this opportunity to thank you for your vision of what Pond Elementary School could be and for your willingness to pursue it as a project. The end product is exceptional, and everyone at the school is excited"
Arthur D. Floyd
Project Manager
Glenn Construction Company (PM for Rockwood SD)
Project: Pond Elementary
Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical

"It's been a very nice experience working with Jill Walker on the Spanish Lake Fire House Addition."
Charles Jahneke
Project Manager
Project: Spanish Lake Fire House Addition

"EDM Incorporated has provided Engineering service to the City Of Frontenac in the creation and implementation of our Stormwater Master Plan. Their work in the Master Plan creation includes city-wide hydrologic and hydraulic studies, development of conceptual solutions, and prioritization of the improvement projects by benefit points with recommendations from the Public Works Committee. EDM has been and continues to produce construction plans and specifications for the conceptual solutions to resolve issues that include structural flooding and eroding creek banks for the entire City. "
Jeff Wappelhorst
Public Works Director
City of Frontenac Stormwater Master Plan & Implementation
Civil, Project Management

"I am very pleased with the outcome of this project and the professionalism that Mr. Len Madalon demonstrated in the performance of this work. The Study included creative and practical alternatives to improve erosion and flooding in our City's largest park and residential homes adjacent to this park. Mr. Madalon consistently has a pleasant attitude and obviously takes pride in his work. It is a pleasure to work with an engineering consultant that is capable of providing excellent engineering solutions and presentations that can be comprehended by not only technical personnel, but also the general public. Thank you for providing the City of Crestwood with a quality product and engineering expertise through the hard work of Mr. Madalon."
John P. Kohler, PE, Assistant Director of Public Works
City of Crestwood
Crestwood Whitecliff Park

"The Missouri Department of Conservation appreciates the professional manner in which the project challenges were handled and would recommend the services of EDM Incorporated to fulfill your engineering needs."
Edward F. Kuhlmann, PE, Project Supervisor
Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Bottom Conservation Area
Civil Engineering/Project Management

"Exceeded expectations."
Katherine Bozoian
Bozoian Group Architects
ISU Dormitory

"EDM faced and met significant challenges in designing the mechanical and electrical system for this "state-of-the-art" museum, which includes two theaters and houses and displays the State of Illinois' priceless collection of Lincoln artifacts and exhibits. EDM displayed outstanding innovation and cooperation in meeting needs of historians, museum curators and the general public by creating an environment that could satisfy the requirements of all. When last minute challenges were presented, EDM met and exceeded our expectations. It has been an honor and my pleasure to participate in such great project with such fine people as the staff at EDM."
Gary Kitchen, Project Manager
Capital Development Board
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

"We would hire EDM again" Gary T. Moore, PE
94052 - Harrison-Brentwood Sanitary Sewers

"Exceeded Expectations on all levels" Steve Dallman, Project Manager
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Site Engineering

"EDM works closely with the District to develop design solutions that address our needs, are within our budget, and result in quality educational facilities. They have been very thorough and detailed in their construction documentation, which has had a significant impact on cost control of construction change orders. On one of our most recently completed project (Westhoff), change orders were less than one-half of one percent of the construction cost."
Bill Weber, Asst. Supt., Facilities & Construction Services
Fort Zumwalt School District
Fort Zumwalt Elementary Schools - Westhoff, Emge and Ostmann Elementary

"EDM has met all of our engineering needs and are considered our engineering consultant company."
Rodney Bechtolt, Project Manager
St. Louis Union Station Associates
Union Station Train Repairs

"The project was a difficult "limited" service agreement to fulfill. Gholam and Jill fulfilled this agreement with a high level of professionalism and service that we are appreciative of. "
Mark Neimeyer
Maryville Village Hall/ Police Station

"Consistently exceeded expectations." Rated highest for Office Professionalism, responsiveness to inquiries
Robert Beard, Project Manager
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
WO 11 Repair Building 36, Section 1D