Mercedes Benz of St. Louis

The structural design of this iconic sales and service center creates dramatic spaces and integrates silently with the architecture to accommodate the small site. 

Three walls feature floor to ceiling glass with no visible bracing members, accomplished by cantilevering the roof diaphragm over the showroom from vertical bracing behind the showroom walls. The exposed architectural steel roof framing creates a hi-tech ceiling that adds design value to the theme of the building.

Creative cast-in-place concrete solutions were developed for the service bays and exterior parking structure to provide a practical working facility with efficient interrelationships between operational activities. Service bays are in a structure along the south edge of the site; exterior parking structure along the east.

EDM Services: Structural Engineering

Mastercard International

Global Headquarters Data Center

O’Fallon, MO

Three connected four-story office buildings, 420,000 sf gross combined area including 130,000 sf of Data and Energy Center. The facility was designed to be fully operational following a major earthquake event.


Structural engineering features include: Base isolator designed to dissipate most of destructive earthquake energy, Seismic isolation devices to reduce seismic impact on all structures, Geophysical testing to ensure no faults in the underlying limestone.

Three-acre lake incorporated into the site as both an amenity and energy conservation feature.

EDM Services: Structural and Civil Engineering

Enterprise Holdings Data Center

Weldon Spring, MO

165,000 sf data center designed for continuous operations in event of a major earthquake. Exterior walls detailed to resist effects of impact of air-borne objects created by a tornado.

147,000 SF office building designed for high-density file storage.

EDM Services: Structural Engineering

Williams Technology Center

Tulsa, OK

This project included 19-story high tech communications facility; 6-level, 335,000 sf, 1,100-space parking structure; central power plant; and two pedestrian bridges to the cooling tower/central plant building and to plaza level of office tower. The project had seismic and high wind design requirements. This building also houses Tulsa City Hall.

EDM Services: Structural Engineering


America’s Convention Center and Dome

South Expansion

St. Louis, MO

Expanded the convention center from approximately 300,000 SF to 470,000 SF, including the addition of two exhibit halls with moveable walls (50,000 SF and 70,000 SF) and a lecture hall.

EDM was structural engineer of record for the Dome project including 180,000 SF of column-free exhibition space. Currently EDM provides on-call services for events' temporary structures.

EDM Services: Structural Engineering

West County Shopping Center Expansion

Des Peres, MO

Retail mall expansion from 583,000 to 1.2 million square feet, containing over 175 specialty shops.

Scope included Smoke evacuation, Ventilation & exhaust systems, lighting, power distribution and construction administration services.

Services provided: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering.


“Consistently exceeded expectations.”

Larry Dalton, Project Architect

Westfield corporation


Amdocs Corporate Facilities

Provided preliminary design, construction documents and construction administration services for several Amdocs facilities:


  • Corporate Hill IV Data Center, St. Louis, MO

  • Timberlake I & III Data Center, Chesterfield, MO

  • Data Center, Champaign, IL

  • Stamford, CT

  • Dallas, TX

EDM Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering, Project Management


Cambridge Innovation Center at CET

St. Louis, MO

Two-phase renovation of approximately 21,500 SF of mainly office and support areas.  Included is a Technology/Security design, which addresses SALTO and “White Noise” design and other systems, per CIC Book of Standards.

EDM Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering


Hadley Dean Building
St. Louis MO

Built in 1903, the 40,000 sf, 7-story former glass warehouse was designed by Isaac Taylor, architect for the St. Louis World’s Fair. The building is listed in the National Historic Register and EDM headquartered in this building until 1993.


The challenges solved included out-of-plumb walls and floors, below-code life safety system, rotting tongue-and-grove floors.


EDM Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural Engineering

Old Post Office Historic Renovation
St. Louis MO

Originally known as the U.S. Custom House and Post Office, this historically significant building was completed in 1884. Original design by Architect Alfred B. Mullett, this facility is one of only two such remaining government buildings in the United States


The $47 million renovation for the 74,050 SF area included installation of two new 400-ton chillers, 800-ton cooling tower, new VAV air handlers, and total HVAC and air distribution systems.  Electrical design included new lighting throughout; new distribution and metering equipment, new building automation system.  Structural assessment for entire building for the lenders, filling floor openings, framing for new escalator, providing framing for opening in bearing walls to accommodate MEP systems and repairs throughout to remediate damage and deterioration.

EDM Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural Engineering


Union Station Power House Renovation

St. Louis MO

​Renovation of 61,500 SF office/retail building constructed on the foundation of the demolished Union Station Power House.  The $15-million Power House Place project also includes a 44,000 SF building containing a 10-screen movie theater.

Power House Place was built on top of a 4-foot high bolster beam constructed on top of the original Power House foundation, and was designed to complement the adjacent St. Louis Union Station redevelopment.  The Power House’s 200-foot-high smokestack, which rests on a square brick base, was retained to serve as the development’s focal point.  The area beneath the stack is part of the building’s leased space.

EDM also provided structural engineering services for the terminal itself, which saw its last train in 1978, and reopened in late 1985 as St. Louis Union Station – an 825,000 SF complex which includes approximately 115 retail businesses and a hotel.


EDM Services: Structural Engineering


Historic Polar Wave Ice & Fuel Co. Building Renovation. Now the Soulard Ice House Apartments, St. Louis MO

Originally commissioned to provide a structural assessment report for the historic building renovation, EDM was subsequently hired to provide design services during a 2-phase reconstruction project. 


Phase 1:  Renovation of one-story building with a mezzanine in footprint, converted to four tenant spaces, including a 7,000 SF recording studio with a gourmet bakery/Café.

Phase 2: Renovation of the very tall single-story brick warehouse building into new, two-story building containing apartments and parking garage in basement below.


EDM Services: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Engineering


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