BJC Cardiac Cath Lab, St. Peters, MO


Modifications to HVAC system in Radiology for the CT Scanner and power distribution modifications for the new laboratory.


Services provided:  Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

Children’s Hospital Atrium, St. Louis, MO


Design and construction services for the renovation of the three-story atrium, including foundation and framing supporting various theming elements – clock tower, motorized dirigible, and hot air balloon.


Track and trolley system supported from the roof framing that facilitates window washing of the skylights and perimeter windows from the interior, including 4 interior tracks and 1 perimeter track. The track/ trolley system was designed to OSHA standards for fall arrest systems, and aesthetic factors played a major role as well in the system design.


Services provided: Structural engineering.

BJC West County Hospital – Gamma Camera, Chesterfield, MO

EDM Incorporated provided structural and electrical engineering services for the installation of a new Gamma Camera.  The structural engineer checked the load-bearing capacity of the floors in the Nuclear Medicine Laboratory for the installation, and the electrical engineer designed the power to the machine.


Mechanical engineering was provided for an evaluation of the increased load and subsequent replacement of a VAV air terminal to increase the cooling capacity to the space.


Services provided:  Structural, Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital – 7th Floor Renovation


Designed heating and air conditioning and associated controls, lighting and power, emergency lighting and data/communications distribution and connections.


Services provided: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Telecommunications engineering and  Project management.


Family Health Care Center, St. Louis, MO


Engineering for new two-story, 32,000 SF facility providing medical health care services.  Two new waiting rooms; one that caters to families with small children and a second that caters to adults.  The new facility consolidates several satellite services into one office.


The project included:

Dental Facilities, Laboratories, 30 Examination Rooms, Administrative Offices, Expanded Vision Care,

and Large Meeting Rooms.


Services provided: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical engineering and Fire Protection design criteria.

Alton Memorial Hospital Medical Office Building A – Repair of Brick Veneer, Alton, IL


Design services to determine appropriate remedial measures to restore the appearance of walls and to ensure the cause of damage is eliminated to avoid further damage to the east half of the two-story building, constructed in the 1970’s and the west portion, constructed in 1995.


Services provided:  Architecture and Structural engineering.


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