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Trusted Partner

EDM strives to be a trusted partner to those who manage their community’s infrastructure resources - water, wastewater, floodwater, roadways, sidewalks and bridges. We listen - to clients, to residents - so that we can design creative, practical solutions that are tailored to each situation. Our team has expertise in zoning regulations, permitting, endangered species and environmental issues, utilities coordination, and site improvements.

Frontenac Forest Stormwater Improvements

To reduce flooding downstream of a 200-acre watershed, EDM designed enhancements to the existing drainage infrastructure in the Frontenac Forest Subdivision.  The 3-foot wide tie-wall channel was converted to a natural, meandering channel with a 7-foot wide bottom and 2-horizontal :1-vertical side slopes. EDM used a rugged tablet to enhance GPS to collect geomorphic data on each of the four reaches.  

EDM Services: Civil Engineering Design, Project Management


Awards: APWA Public Works Project of the Year, ASCE Project of the Year

Stormwater Master Plan and Implementation, Frontenac, MO

EDM performed a stormwater needs assessment. The program implementation resulted in 20 stormwater management design projects including rain garden design, creek bank stabilization, roadway sub-surface drainage, storm sewers, and sediment transport modeling.

EDM Services: Civil Engineering Design

Glen Abbey Restoration, Frontenac, MO

This project resulted from the Stormwater Master Plan project and involved several stormwater improvements including six raingardens, a ConSpan Bridge, bank stabilization, and geomorphic and floodplain studies.


EDM Services: Civil Engineering Design

Anheuser-Busch Northeast Campus Site Improvements, St. Louis, MO

Approximately 400,000 SF of existing parking lots and trailer storage lots were reconfigured for employee parking.  Improvements included perimeter security fencing, new entrances, card readers, guardhouse, storm sewer improvements, lighting, landscaping and irrigation.


EDM Services: Civil Engineering Design, Project Management

Barrett Station Road Improvements,

St. Louis County, MO

Prime consultant for design of 6,500-foot, STP-funded roadway improvement project including addition of turn lane, reprofiling of the roadway, widening to three lanes, storm sewer relocation, sidewalks on both sides, driveway and commercial entrances, retaining wall design, right-of-way plans, legal descriptions, drainage design.


EDM Services: Civil Engineering Design

Pitman Hill Road Improvements

Weldon Spring, MO

Existing traffic pattern study performed; preparation of a Traffic Circulation Plan, and improvements made to the Pitman Hill-Kisker Road Intersection. Horizontal and vertical alignment problems were addressed and an additional lane was considered based on the usage.  Box culverts and sections of creek relocation work completed in cooperation with FEMA, Missouri DNR and the Corps of Engineers.


EDM Services: Civil Engineering Design

Sonderen Bridge, O’Fallon, MO

184-foot long, Category “A” bridge designed to MoDOT and AASHTO standards. Three, 12-foot wide traffic lanes. Four foot sidewalks on one side and an 8-foot all-purpose trail on the other side.


EDM Services: Structural and Civil Engineering Design

Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

The area includes a view of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, over 6.5 miles of river frontage, about 800 acres of bottomland forest and a 110 acre island. Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is in north St. Louis County at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, the third largest river system in the world, and the largest in North America.  The Corps of Discovery, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, set out from this very spot in 1804. Design of a river access, confluence viewing area platform, accessible fishing pier, boat ramps and parking lots. Five miles of hiking-biking trails and five miles of roadway facilities can be accessed by car from a five-mile paved road and bicyclists and walkers can use the five-mile limestone biking trail.


EDM Services: Civil Engineering, Full-Time Resident Construction Inspection, Project Management

ASCE St. Louis Section Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

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