EDM: The Theme Park Architect's Secret Weapon

Since 1975, EDM has been theme park architects' go-to firm for engineering design services. Projects include major ride and roller coaster foundations, loading stations, theatres, animal life containment systems, thematic elements, restaurants, kiosks, maintenance facilities, specialty buildings, electrical distribution, boiler plants, and shade structures. Locations include Hersheypark, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Sesame Place, Grant's Farm, Silver Dollar City, Adventure Island and Six Flags.

The St. Louis Wheel

Union Station | St. Louis, MO

The newest attraction on the St. Louis horizon, this 200-foot high observation wheel has 42 fully-enclosed climate-controlled gondolas that can seat up to six adults.  EDM’s structural design for the Wheel foundation includes 86-foot long reinforced concrete piers drilled to the underlying bedrock formation. EDM also designed the concrete loading platform, and foundations for the electrical control building and the converted shipping containers used for the ticketing office and vendors.


EDM Services: Structural Engineering / Foundation Design

SheiKra Dive Coaster

Busch Gardens | Tampa, FL

First Dive Coaster to be constructed in North America, its track includes a splashdown and an Immelmann loop, both a first for its kind. SheiKra reaches a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour and has a total track length of 3,188 feet.


EDM Services: Structural Engineering / Foundation Design (coaster and all support buildings and facilities)

Verbolten Roller Coaster

Busch Gardens | Williamsburg, VA

Verbolten is a 3,000-foot long, multi-launching steel roller coaster. It takes guests for a tour from the Oktoberfest Celebrations, through the countryside, then a twisted turn into the mysterious Black Forest.

EDM Services: Structural Engineering / Foundation Design (coaster and all support buildings and facilities)

Explorer's Reef

SeaWorld | San Diego. CA

This 3-acre interactive exhibit is featured at the new park entrance. It has a 50% open-air roof design and a complex fiberglass and space-frame steel structure. Immediately after entering, there are four 24,000-gallon touch pools containing sharks, skates, horseshoe crabs, stingrays and cleaner fish. 

EDM Services: Structural Engineering

Mako Roller Coaster

SeaWorld | Orlando, FL

Mako is a steel hypercoaster that reaches a height of 200 feet with a maximum speed of 73 miles per hour, and has a total track length of 4,760 feet. The coaster was named after the Mako shark, which is considered to be the fastest species in the oceans.  This coaster is located adjacent to the Shark Encounter aquarium, also engineered by EDM.

EDM Services: Re-Theming Concepts / Structural Engineering / Foundation Design (coaster and all support buildings and facilities)


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