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Collaborative Environment with Robust Communication

EDM partners with industrial, manufacturing and process plant clients across the US, providing services for projects ranging in construction value from $100,000 to over $10,000,000. We approach each project from the client’s point-of-view, so that we clearly
identify goals, objectives and challenges, then continue with ongoing communication at each step until completion of the project is to the
client’s satisfaction.

Italgrani Mill Expansion and Modifications

St. Louis MO

New five-story addition to the mill building. Engineering items included structural design of the steel and concrete foundations and floor openings, upgrade of the fire protection system in the whole building, design of HVAC, plumbing, power distribution and lighting.

EDM Services: Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural Engineering

Thiel Tool and Engineering

St. Louis, MO

Design items for this 35,000-SF manufacturing facility included foundations for prefabricated building, overhead crane support, truck dock, curb cuts, sidewalks, modifications to existing sewer, new mechanical, and plumbing systems.

EDM Services: Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural Engineering, Project Management

Fertilizer Granulation Plant

Lange Stegman | Bruce Oakley, St. Louis MO

Structural design included rammed aggregate piers for the fertilizer storage building, cast-in-place piles for the new 20,000 SF melt/granulation plant, the 2,000 SF railcar loadout facility, and the conveyor from the barge terminal to the storage building and foundations for 85,000 SF fertilizer storage building.

Civil design included grading and drainage for the site and sewer connections for the melt/granulation plant.

EDM Services: Civil and Structural Engineering Design

Terminal 2 Substation

St. Louis Lambert International Airport

Structural design included foundations and pads for electrical equipment and retaining wall.

EDM Services: Structural Engineering Design

Ameren | Dorsett Roadway | St. Louis, MO

This project entailed the design of a 24-foot, 1000-foot long concrete roadway.  These improvements triggered MSD stormwater management requirements. Tasks included collection and containment of runoff from the transformer storage area, which involved the design of a reinforced concrete dry detention basin for the required channel and flood protection volumes; hydraulic design; outlet structure and catwalk, and design of storm sewer system. EDM also designed flow diversion structures and storm sewers necessary to balance the disturbed area flow to the new reinforced concrete surface sand filter, enclosing existing swales. Electrical services were provided for a new transformer and new lighting along the roadway.

EDM Services: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering Design

Boeing | Building 101 Chilled Water System Upgrade | St. Louis, MO

Conversion of the existing 6800-ton, constant volume chilled water plant in Building 101 to variable primary flow.  New differential pressure sensors were added to measure the pressure drop across each chiller’s evaporator to calculate the flow rate. New variable frequency drives were specified to control seven primary chilled water pumps and seven secondary chilled water pumps.  A comprehensive survey of the connected equipment to the plant was performed to document the existing control valves.  All existing 3-way DDC valves were replaced with 2-way DDC valves and the bypasses on existing 3-way pneumatic valves were closed.  Major upgrades to the existing Andover BAS were designed to replace obsolete hardware and to implement the revised sequence of operations.


EDM Services: Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering Design

GKN Aerospace, Mezzanine Office Renovation

Hazelwood, MO


Renovation of approximately 10,800 SF of existing office space consisting of office space, private offices, meeting rooms, large conference room, break room, kitchen, restroom and corridor connection.


EDM Services: MEP/FP Engineering Design

Kerry Foods, St. Louis, MO


Design of four-pipe HVAC system to accommodate the cereal, cooking and cake preparation lines relocated from Chicago.  Seven new and seven relocated air handling units that were connected to the ammonia refrigeration plant, new foundations and floor openings to accommodate the equipment.


EDM Services: Structural and Mechanical Engineering Design

Monsanto Corn Seed Processing Facility

Jerseyville, IL

This facility consisted of a 17,000 SF office/seed processing, prefabricated metal building.  Our structural engineers designed structural foundations and framing for the tornado shelter, as well as foundations to support equipment. Modifications made to conference room so that it would qualify as a tornado shelter serving the facility population of 107, meeting FEMA criteria.


EDM Services: Structural Engineering Design

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers

St. Louis County


Design for several household chemical waste collection depots for several locations.  These are drive-through facilities.  Site development including grading, paving, utilities and bio-retention basins.


EDM Services: Structural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design

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