Len Madalon, PE, MS,

Vice President

Director of Storm Water Services

Len leads our Civil Engineering group.


Len has designed and managed roadway, sanitary, water, storm and site development projects. Studies and design projects include, roadways, water transmission lines, stormwater needs assessments, stormwater master planning, creek bank stabilization, bio-stabilization, flood studies, bridge and culvert replacements, storm and sanitary sewer lines and pump station projects.  He has applied for and obtained Letters of Map Change from FEMA and Nationwide and Individual Permits from the COE.  His experience includes work on hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, fluvial geomorphic analysis, GIS, quantities, construction cost estimating, specifications, easements and plans for construction. He is a Notary Public and obtains and notarizes easement documents.


Len is Past Chairman of the American Public Works Association, St. Louis Branch. He has spoken at local and national conferences on technical issues and first authored four published journal articles. Len cares deeply for his clients and is always on the lookout for ways to save money or leverage alternate funding opportunities.

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